Waste Sorting Plant

The system of recycling and production RDF is set the objective to valorize every material of refusal as a recyclable resource that has a proper market of reutilized or as an energetic resource (as it regards the non recyclable fraction), departing from a diversified collection and not. The system, that entire technologies of consolidated application, it is set as it systematizes leader for the disposal and the recycling of the urban solid refusals answering to all the objectives specific by the European and Italian legislator: respecting the priorities of actions in the integrated management of the refusals and treating all the typologies of refusal, it allows, in fact, the recycling than at least the 45% of the treated refusals (the non recyclable part will be used for getting electric energy). Such recycled, echo-compatible and convenient in terms of profitability, it furnishes a remarkable economic support to the company without burdening on the local administrations that to today, with a tall waste of strengths and financial resources, they get a least result in the recovery of the reusable refusal. Following it turns back the productivity of the system proposed of separation and production RDF.













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La Spazzatura è una Risorsa,  economica, occupazionale, ed energetica. Ogni anno la società moderna “butta” milioni di euro di risorse, senza preoccuparsi delle concause che questa gestione comporta


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