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To reach a position of leadership by developing new projects, acquiring stakes of current initiatives and investing in facilities to produce electricity from renewable sources, to implement and manage their own systems and distributed generation. The organization, highlighted the flexibility of it, where our activities are divided into fourth.
Business Development, specializing in identifying opportunities and participation in national and international calls within the areas of expertise.
The area solutions and systems and the Counseling, highly integrated, providing resources and expertise for the development of operational and project management for projects acquired from the Business Development (BD).
The third area, that of Contracting, is the junction between the first two and specializes in the negotiation of contracts.
The fourth area, Control and Management Equipment, service and maintenance facilities 















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La Spazzatura è una Risorsa,  economica, occupazionale, ed energetica. Ogni anno la società moderna “butta” milioni di euro di risorse, senza preoccuparsi delle concause che questa gestione comporta


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