Key Global Italia Overview


Key Global Italia, Waste Recycling Energy, aims to diversify its own business, Waste Management, Sales Recycling, Energy Rennovable Production, Plant Management. Specifically aims to identify alternative sources for producing energy, both thermal power, to seize the investment opportunities present today in Italy and out of the country. These are all plants that produce low emissions into the atmosphere in respect of the Kyoto Protocol, and then plants a break Molecolare "gasification" to produce hydrogen and electricity, wind turbines, photovoltaics, and hydropower. Our mandate does not end there, our company also deals with resolving the problem of managing and disposing of municipal solid waste, which with the help of our technology partners, manufacturers of air separation of waste and energy production, ensuring integrated management of disposal. The integrated system called the "Zero Waste Solution solves a final disposal of wastes, without aggravating the situation of landfills now come to collapse. With these Key Global Italia, is developing relationships at the international level for the identification of areas for the installation of Waste to Energy.


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