The structure of the conveyor belts, made of sheet metal and laser cut from folded box, reinforced by plates suitably shaped and connected to each other by erecting bolted plate. The drum motor is constructed in steel and covered with rubber diamond grip. The motor can be direct or decreasing torque, and equipped with control devices for the rotation and change of speed. The drum is built steel and also has the function of tensioned. The characteristics of the belt vary depending on the type of material to be carried. There are various types of carpets, which may be rubber, chevron (fish-bone), PVC or metal. The material of the belt is high quality, robust carcass, resistant to oil and fat, suitable for transporting garbage. The conveyors are equipped with internal cleansing (vomere) and external (scrapers or brushes). The hopper and the side are designed and implemented according to the type of material to be treated and the needs of the plant. We also transport metal floors or knee, of various types.
























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