Bags Opener, The solution for open the garbage bags in automatic

The Bags Openers is composed of two cylinders auto allign with the possibility to regulate the speeds. The system guarantees the opening of every single sack with the relative recovery of the open sack. Loading of sacks per wheel loader or conveyor. Hoppercapacity up to approx. 30 m³. Loading depending on bulk density up to approx. 15 t/h, peak output 20t/h, bulk density approx. 20-250 kg/m³, insensitive to banks, nets, chains and wire, insensitive to large, hard materials such as beer crates, bowling balls, iron bars, buckets etc. The machine is stopped automatically. Infinitely variable throughput, pre-pressed materials are loosened up. Can are not crushed, hopper equipped with chain belt conveyor making it insensitive to sharp edged objects and shocks, chain made of hardened steel continuous, uniform discharge of material onto the feed conveyor. No disintegration of materials and foils, almost 100% emptying of the sacks, also sack in sack. Oversize objects can be captured and transported onwards for separated sorting by installing a second sorting line (split-up of the material flows). Automatic reverse operation, with electrical control.



10kg Apples