K12 bi-axial Solar Generator

The bi-axial K12 solar digital tracker represents the arrival point of a technological development that, during the years, has resulted in completion of the system in all of  its most important characteristics:

• Real control system on two axes;  

• The movement mechanisms with low power;

• The monitoring and control system bad weather protection

• Power Generation for any Module over 12Kw.

The K12 photovoltaic generator consists of several photovoltaic modules, any module is up 220w. These are organized across two axes, Azimuth and Tilt, using a digital system. Tracking system installed on K12 is supplied with several functions, each of which guarantees the productivity of the plant. Solar Tracking- This function allows for the system to be constantly oriented in the very best position in order to guarantee the productivity of the plant. On the  basis of the astronomic tables specifically calculated on the latitude and longitude of the installation site, the control software guides the K12 so that solar radiation strikes it with a degree that maximizes the performance of the modules installed. Bad weather Protection - Photovoltaic systems provide certain features that allow defense structures installed to position them correctly to avoid Hail and Wind.

Particular care was given to mechanical handling designed to last at least 20 years without being replaced and sized to meet the load conditions more onerous. Photovoltaic modules are preassembled at the factory to be able to best their control error between the different modules and significantly reducing installation time on the field.
























10kg Apples









K12 +35%


45.000Euro EXW